Tuesday, 23 April 2013

H&M Conscious Collection has finally been despatched ........

Hi Lovelies,

Well my cold shows no sign of abating yet! argh I hate being ill. Runny eyes along with a sore throat - I  really must stop moaning !!

The Conscious collection deliveries from H&M are finally being despatched, which cheered my day considerably! Why they are taking so long I have no idea. 3 weeks since ordering and the pink dress has still not been sent. But this beautiful one was well worth the wait. H&M service online is shocking, but the dresses, if you get in quickly enough are pretty amazing.

The dresses come on a velvet hanger inside a blush coloured garment bag.

Conscious Collection Beaded Silk Dress £69.99

I love the detailing - for the price range it is exquisite.

and these little sandals could well become my summer staples - it is nice to have a closed toe pair for colder days

They should be here tomorrow, I hope they are the perfect height for daytime - I will let you know!

Denim "Poplar' Sandals - ASOS £58

Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing the Chloe Braided Flares on Monday

They look so good on her!

Thanks for reading x


Michelle said...

Love the dress, love it on you, love the shoes and love the flairs...great style Jools

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks M, will let you know what the shoes are like tomorrow!!! :) xxx

Style At Every Age said...

Those Mulberry jeans (you know the ones I never bought) should give the same effect as VB's! Love that dress, I can never find their designer ranges on the website in the past must look harder! The wedges are also gorgeous xx