Monday, 22 April 2013

Pushing Daisies ......................

Hi Lovelies,

A pretty horrible cold and sore hroat for Jools meant a day at home. How typical that the sun starts shining and I get ill!

Still, even when poorly, I can appreciate the change of weather and it makes me very happy!

Today also reminded me of a scene from You've got Mail. Meg Ryan had a cold and she talked about Daisies being her favourite flower because they are so friendly - and I completely agree with her. So that, and a pair of Jeans that I picked up in London on Saturday are today's blog inspiration.

Daisy Print Leigh Jeans - Topshop £40
The Current Elliott ones arrived (blogged about last week) and they are fabulous too!
Summer Jeans are sorted!

Here are some more Daisy pieces, from accessories to full on Bloom!

Daisy Ring - Topshop £4

Daisy Stud Earrings - Topshop £5

Flower Burst Box Clutch - French Connection £75

Daisy Skater Dress - ASOS £17.50

Daisy Laser Cut Work Dress - ASOS £45

Daisy Shirt Dress - Rare £28

Bonded Daisy Lace Full Dress - Warehouse £50

Oversized Daisy Hair Clip - Topshop £7.50

Daisy Embroidered Sun Dress - French Connection £120

Daisy Burnout Tee - Topshop £26

3/4 Sleeve Daisy Print Dress - ASOS £21

Beaded Daisy Tee - Topshop £36

Daisy Jumper - Wildfox £245

Daisy Pattern Sweater - River Island £38

Retro Daisy Print Pencil Skirt - ASOS £32

Daisy Cream Lace Blouse - Oasis £42

Thanks for reading xx

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Urban Butterfly said...

I hope that you feel better soon x
I love the green bold pencil skirt, it's lust. Daisy Embroidered Sun Dress is cute too.