Monday, 27 January 2014

Mulberry Suffolk in Bright Red

Hello Lovelies,

Another day of pouring rain and blowing gales - when is it all going to stop! I have never known this much rain. It is not even umbrella weather as the wind just turns them inside out.
I have decided that we should be allowed to hibernate for the entire January and perhaps some of February. Snow will be coming next ……...

How was your weekend?
I returned the Tom Ford bag on Saturday - Harrods make it super easy I must say, it was a very simple, stress free process and I did not have a single pang about seeing her put back on the shelf, so it was definitely the right decision.

And it meant that we could have Laduree for lunch!

A delicious way to spend some time

and my Isabel Marant cardigan is getting so much use in this cold weather
I absolutely love wearing it

The super cute Mulberry flats that I wanted for our trip have arrived.
They are absolutely perfect for the beach.

It seems just implausible that I will be wearing these in 3 weeks time!

So the search for a new bag was back to where it started - with the Mulberry Suffolk.
I should never have deviated!

I adored the Bluebell but could not decide between that one and the new S/S 2014 Bright Red.
The red has gold hardware and the Bluebell was silver.

Well readers - if you hadn't already guessed from the title - I went for the red!!!

It just worked with an awful lot of my wardrobe
and felt warmer and more wearable for right now.

It was a tough choice as I loved them both - but the red just seemed to pop more!

plus it worked with my accessories - and matches my Mulberry purse perfectly!

with the Bright Red Suede Lining - well I couldn't put it down

It will be coming on holiday with us, and I cannot wait to use it for Valentine's day
with a Tea Dress

I wanted to say a huge Thank you and a shout-out to Wheelers. Their level of service is second to none and they are so helpful, friendly and informative about the entire Mulberry range - I highly recommend them. Next time you are looking to buy a Mulberry you should consider them - they really are great.

Thanks for reading xx


Style At Every Age said...

Lovely bag Jools. I think red bags suit you even though I love cobalt blue x

ASH said...

Think you made the right choice- love the red! Xx