Monday, 25 August 2014

Shoe Heaven at Harrods ……….

Hi Lovelies,

OK, so Bank Holiday Monday is a complete wash out - but who doesn't like the excuse to stay home and do nothing much!

I got to visit the incredible new Shoe space inside Harrods on Friday - Shoe Heaven. It is even more amazing than I hoped it would be.

High up on the 5th floor they have built 17 stunning Boutiques from all the major designers so that each one is like stepping into an individual shoe store, and beyond those they have aisles and aisles of shoes and bags on display from over 50 other shoe designers. It is incredibly decadent with crystal chandeliers, plush velvet seating everywhere - the kind of place you could lose yourself for hours!

Every single designer is here - it completely lives up to it's name as it really is heavenly! In Manolo Blahnik they have the highest space in Harrods and they have left the windows clear so that you can see the whole of London below - which was almost as impressive as the shoes.

You have got to see it to believe it - so what more reason do you need to go?


The Louboutin Store was incredible of course, and I picked up the new Nail Polish they have bought out that is the exact colour of the Red Soles - so now our toes can match our loubies!
Too cool ………

I think I have found THE perfect winter boots for Jools - I will blog about them soon

So, if you can, take a visit - it will seriously blow your mind -
and quite probably your wallet.

Thanks for reading x

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