Wednesday, 3 September 2014

In praise of the humble shirt

Hi lovelies,

Well, it's a getting ready to go back to school day chez Jools. Didn't you just love the first day back at school? New stationary, fluffy pencil cases, new shoes and bags - hey - I still get excited by ALL of that stuff now !!!!!!!

It was a beautiful day today, it's not cool enough to wear a jacket yet, but this is where owning a boy comes in handy - yep - you can borrow their shirts right now and layer them up or style them out.

It's a well known fact that girls shirts never quite fit as well as one borrowed from a man does.
Yes, the sleeves are always ridiculously long, but roll them up and seriously, you have a fantastic outfit staple that hasn't cost you a penny - sexy, laid back chic - there is nothing to not love about that!!

You can buy a classic mens shirts from Gap, John Lewis, DKNY or good old M&S.
Or if you want an oversized girls shirt - try Vanessa Bruno or ASOS

I'm sure they wouldn't mind lending us the shirt of their back ………

Some styling inspiration …...

So, get borrowing ladies - you know it makes sense!

Thanks for reading x


Michelle said...

Love me a fab shirt... but hmmm do you think Kiefer would mind ironing for us?

Jools Cockayne said...

course he wouldn't babe!!!