Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sticking the boot in …...

Hi Lovelies,

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently - life has been pretty busy and I am attempting to be good before Christmas (can we say the C word yet?) and not buy too many outfits.
So far all it has resulted in is to make me grouchy. Ok, maybe i'm not that bad - but I bloody love the word grouchy and there are not many occasions that you get to use it.

But it's good to actually be left wanting things - right? Apparently it makes us appreciate them more when we do finally buy them. Hmmm I remain unconvinced by this but it sounds good doesn't it ……

I bought some leopard boots last week and it's the first thing I have bought that both my girls just cannot get their head around - I can't even print what the elder teen said about them - so I put it to an instagram vote - the YES I adore them votes were much higher than the NO votes, so that was enough for me to justify keeping them - but lots more comments were of the - oh keep everything else neutral camp, which is probably good advice!

even Kim wearing them wasn't enough to put me off …….

The Louboutin Fifi ones rock my world ……….
They started my obsession as Monsieur L has created a whole range of leopard print shoes & bags for A/W 14

Fifi Leopard Print Pony Ankle Boots - Christian Louboutin £895

but I settled for the Kurt Geiger ones

'Scamp' Ankle Boots - Kurt Geiger

and is it wrong that I now want this little coat to go with them
(Clairey what the hell is happening to me …….)

Swing Coat - ASOS £85

and lipstick lovers, you have GOT to try the new Rimmel Provocalips.
They are all kinds of awesome and they really do stay put

I got Kiss me you Fool (a bright red)
and Dare to Pink (a pretty nudey pink)

I promise you they are well worth the try ……..

Thanks for reading xx

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Style At Every Age said...

I would of voted yes, I mean what do teens know? I also love the coat and have an old Next one in a similar shape x