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What to wear if you are lucky enough to be invited to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party!

Hi Lovelies,

Well, the title above was EXACTLY what I typed in to Google when this incredible invitation was sent to us recently.

The only guideline you are given is to wear a Day Dress (with hat being optional) Garden Parties at The Palace are notoriously secret as you are not supposed to take pictures, so there were very few photos online of what people wore - which was probably a good thing. I wasn't going to be happy wearing something that wasn't really "me" and I wanted a dress that I would love to wear again.

So I just chose one that made me say - aww thats so pretty.
It was by Needle & Thread from Liberty London and it was the first dress that I tried

Needle & Thread Floral Tiered Dress in Pastel Pink £285

I wore it with some LK Bennett Sandals and my Chanel Kelly bag

and because it was a summer Garden Party in England of course I had to take a coat!

White Lace Coat by Love Label (I got it on sale for about £40!!)

So, at a little before 3pm we arrived at the Hyde Park entrance and joined the queue of excited people. This was the perfect opportunity to people-watch and check out some outfits! Celebrities for security reasons have to go through the same entrance so it was surreal to see them joining the line just like us.

After a security check you are free to follow the signs and see all of the grounds of Buckingham Palace and the marvellous lake - it really is quite incredible as you would never believe you were in Central London and you quickly become very aware of what a once in a lifetime event this really is - and all the while the Queen's Band is playing in the background!

I was prepared to keep my phone in my bag for the entire afternoon - but guests were taking pictures immediately - it is impossible really not to now - so if you are going - you ARE now allowed to take pictures on your phone - just not of the Royal Party which is fair enough!

At 3.30 on the dot, the high tea is served - people were queuing up well before this though!

You can have as many sandwiches and cakes as you can manage. They are served on rectangular white plates with a little indent for your teacup so that you don't spill anything!

Cucumber & Mint, Egg Mayonaise & Cress, and Ham & English Mustard Sandwiches (crustless of course!) were served with Coronation Chicken or Salmon & Cream Cheese tiny Wraps, Salmon and oodles of baby cakes - everything is made at The Palace kitchens.
You could then choose between Tea, Coffee, Iced Coffee or Homemade Lemonade - so civilised!

And while eating, just before 4 o clock you are encouraged to make a line and then the National Anthem played and Prince Charles walked out of the palace accompanied by 6 Yeoman of the Guard.

I cannot tell you how many celebrities we saw - they were literally everywhere you turned and included Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones, Pixie Lott, Holly Willougby, Fearne Cotton, Tony Hadley, Status Quo, Rick Parfait, Jess Glynn, Mike Rutherford, Martin Clunes, Sir Ben Kingsley, Joan Collins, a whole bunch of athletes and lots of very worthy Charity helpers.

It was a day we will never forget and I cannot begin to express how privileged we felt to be invited.

Best of all on the way out, you are allowed to tour the ground floor entrance of the Palace and then walk through the private square

and then you end up at the front of the palace looking out at the gates so that you can see everybody peering in - and get a glimpse at what it looks like from the Royals point of view - and you see the famous balcony from which all the best wedding pictures happen!

and we ended our beautiful day with dinner at The Oxo Tower

A special shout out to my new shoes - I knew I needed to wear wedges as most of the event was on the lawn and I wore a brand new pair of shoes for 12 hours and they were a dream - I honestly have never worn a comfier pair of shoes!

LK Bennett Ripley Gold Wedges £195

Thanks for reading xx

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