Saturday, 31 December 2011

Saturday is ALL about the annual what to wear for New Year's Eve dilemma

Happy New Year to Everybody.

I love the start of a New Year, all those promises you make that will be broken within hours and resolutions that you don't even really believe as you are making them .......... the New Year feels fresh and new, and more importantly, there is one last chance to go out and say goodbye to the year you have just lived in!!!

Tonight is all about family, we have booked a table at our favourite local restaurant. It's not super dressy, but you have to make an effort to not look the same as you do the rest of the year, and it IS New Years Eve after all!

When I saw this coat on Cheryl Cole, I fell in love with it. It is designed by Reiss and is called the Jillie Jacket. (For anybody else who falls hard for it - it was £299.00 and has just been reduced to £145.00)

I have a deep, deep fear of fur jackets (faux of course, I would never ever wear real fur) - and for this I entirely lay the blame at the door of Pat Butcher! Surely big coats just make you look like like a cross between a Shot-Putter / Teddy Bear / Lady of the Night ? None of which I am that keen to emulate.

And so began my dilemma... I don't kid myself I am going to look like Miss Cole in it, but I don't really want to look like this either!

and yet I just couldn't get this little jacket out of my head, and so my Reiss Stalking began. Four times I have been to the store to try it on, each time I have stroked it, loved it, vowed to only wear it with the highest shoes I can stand up in so that my chances of looking like a Yeti are slightly lowered, and 3 times I have regretfully put it back on the rail, worrying about that dreaded cost per wear conundrum game that I hate to play but which rears its head occasionally when you see something firmly out of your comfort zone .....

Well today, with a cold New Years Eve to brave I bit the bullet and grabbed the last one in my local store AND at the sale price.

Yes I know that I will probably only wear it once or twice, I know it, but the heart won and I plan to make those times as special as I can (which is surely what fashion is really about!) Plus my daughter is in love with it and I have a feeling that it will go missing from my closet and be loved by her too somewhere in the not too distant future.

So tonight, Jools will be wearing her new, slightly bonkers but very lovely jacket. I will have to keep everything else very streamlined and minimal so that I do not look as wide as I am tall (which isn't very tall at all !!)

My favourite Chanel Lipstick will also be worn tonight, it is the perfect dark pink shade (red doesn't suit me!) It is from the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Range. No.37 L'Exuberante

I will wave my hair and that is me done for 2011. Bring on the Cocktails, and I will try to get a sober looking picture to post tomorrow

Oh, and for anybody interested, my only New Years Eve resolution is to find a local Pilates Class and actually attend, I do have a giant coat to wear after all ........................

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adoreabubbles said...

Have a great night, happy new year :D

coretta said...

Happy new year too.xx