Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday - We made it to the Weekend everybody!!!

Hello Lovelies,

Wow is it just me or has this week seemed endless!!

Anyway, it is now the weekend and I am celebrating making it to Friday with a glass of red wine and some Milky Bar!

Some of you may remember that I was looking for an alternative to the discontinued Mac Tinted Moisturiser? I have been looking at alternatives and wonder if any of you have tried this new Chanel one?

The reviews look good (but they always do don't they)! I plan on visiting for a little test next week and hopefully will pick up a sample but it would be great to know if any of you have already tried it and what you thought of it. The price is £33 so I wanted to do my research before I purchased it.

I made a similar mistake recently in believing the hype over another product, which is why I plan to be more careful before just purchasing in future. This product was called Nanoblur, and it claimed to make you look ten years younger in 40 seconds! (Yes, I know!!!!)

Well what absolute drivel! All it does it sit on the top of your skin and become a paste like substance, you cannot put any product on over the top without it turning into an oily gunk and you can feel it sticking to your skin all day! It does not make you look ANY different regardless of what any review may claim! So save yourself £19.99 and do not believe the hype.

Today Jools Wore this Blouse by DeeV

With Jeans from Zara, Shoes by Vivienne Westwood and modelled with my fab new City bag!

These shoes come in so many beautiful jewelled colours too, I love the red and they smell like gummy bears!!

And as promised I have taken a picture of the inside of the City

It is Friday night, so my dream VOD (Virtual Outfit of the Day) is firmly in Cocktail territory this evening!

Black Dress by Alaia at Browns £2785

 Jimmy Choo Cosmic Pumps £445 

Bottega Veneta Clutch £890

Hope you all have weekend

Until tomorrow

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Urban Butterfly said...

Love the DV blouse on you. I wish i had bought it. Great shoes but i expect no less from you x x

Jools said...

You know the very first time I wore those shoes was to come and see you at Heathrow! So I always think of you and Clairey when I wear them :) x

Anonymous said...

Vod for me today would be YSL palais black suede shoes, black Oscar de la renta feather trimmed dress, Alexander McQueen clutch with diamond studs. Nicole xxx

Jools said...

Nic I actually considered using the AM clutch as my VOD bag tonight!!!!! but went girly instead ;) !!!!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Great shoes but if they smell like Gummy Bears I would be worried I would actually try to eat them! Great outfit, thanks for sharing. Oh and quick question, I saw your tweet the other day about replying to comments which was handy as I wondered how to do it, my settings are correct but it still wont work, any ideas DM or email me please honey. I would mind but I have been blogging for years and am still bloody useless on the tech stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great minds xxx

Selina said...

Hey, I purchased the perfection lumiere on lauch day on my way to Barca. I was using the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser before and I did find this a little dry to start with - that couldve been my skin from the aircon on the plane & hotel. A week on and I love it, its a little powder like - as I find all Chanel foundations, but the coverage is so natural looking and very even. I have a few dark patches on my skin and this works a treat at blending. Very pleased overall best Chanel foundation so far!

Jools said...

That is so great to know Selina, thanks very much. Going to give it a go too :)