Sunday, 22 January 2012

Saturday - Karl, Capes Cocktails & Cappuccino's ......

Hi lovelies, Happy Saturday!

I should be so embarrassed to say that I did not get up until 1pm today, but it was so good that I must confess that I do not feel bad about it at all!

I have been catching up with Dexter (I am half way through Season 5 now) and we have had some late nights, so this morning was all about catching up with some Zzzzzzzz's

There is something very decadent about having a PJ afternoon, I thoroughly recommend them though! The only thing we left the house for this afternoon was a Starbucks (The January Special Vanilla Spice Latte is not that great though, so I stuck to the regular Skinny Latte!)

So it was a lovely family day (well, apart from 'The Teenager' wanting to dye her hair bluey/purple - this is an ongoing battle that I think I am going to lose)

I have been trying to perfect an eye flick this afternoon (I told you it was a slow day!), I know that practice makes perfect but I am really struggling with how high to end the flick and how wide the line should be! It just doesn't look very good up-close ....

I found a YouTube tutorial that was really helpful! It is only a minute long and sooooo good, I am definitely going to try it next. Just click on the link below.

So tonight we went out for a local dinner. Jools Wore this beautiful Cape by Fearne Cotton 

A big Thankyou to my gorgeous friend Clairey for reminding me I had it! Hope you manage to get one soon honey!

I styled it with a black fine knit jersey underneath (from Zara)

and wore it with Jeans, Kurt Geiger Fondant Wedge Boots (from an earlier blog) and my Lulu Guiness Lips Clutch in Fuchsia

I also wore the Bright Pink YSL Lipstick (Shade 10) which matched the Clutch perfectly

We had a lovely evening which included a couple of Cocktails and a Cappuccino to help me stay awake to watch some more of my favourite Serial Killer later ...........

Karl Lagerfeld is releasing a collection of his own designs on Net-a-Porter next week (Dubbed Diffusion Chanel!). An early sneak peak is available here if any of you have a free afternoon!

The collection is available to purchase online from January 25th. I have had a little look at what is available and a couple of pieces caught my eye.

The trousers are very similar to the J Brand houndstooth ones that I blogged about a couple of days ago. The jacket is going to be priced at £340 and the Jeans at £195. For a Chanel delusion line, it is reasonably priced!

I also adore the collars that he has created, but I cannot help thinking that many High Street Stores are already selling similar versions of the sequinned one for a lot less money. If anybody has seen any recently, can you let us know!

Of all the pieces, the one thing I would really like is the White Collar. I think it encapsulates Lagerfeld completely and would work with lots of different outfits. Hmmm or, I wonder if hubby would notice if I just cut a collar off of one of his shirts !!!

My VOD (Virtual Outfit of the Day) for Saturday is this one!

Cyan Baxter Jeans by Topshop £40

These are not strictly Virtual as I bought these recently and they are a good fit and a great colour and price!

Embroidered Lace Top from Sea NY at Matches £310
New Simple Jazz Shoes by Louboutin £460

and to match that flash of red sole!

Balenciaga Folk Messenger Bag £675

I hope you enjoyed todays Blog, if you have any comments on anything at all , just type below!

Until Tomorrow

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

As you know my youngest daughter gets a bit experimental when it comes to hair colour. My only advice would be to make sure that the Salon use a semi permanent colour that will gradually wash out. They mix it with conditioner apparently. When my girl has the pink it is really dark to begin with but fades after a few washes to an "amelia lily" pale pastel pink. She is lilac this week. Its better they do it whilst they are young and although I love her long blonde hair, she is doing a fashion course at uni so I suppose you have to keep up with your peers!

Urban Butterfly said...

There's something really indulgent about waking late, I love to do it. The lace blouse is to die for, loving the VOD. The cape just makes me sob a little bit, I really wanted it as you know my love for Peacocks / birds :( but alas it wasn't to be x

Jools said...

Thank hon, the problem is she has incredible red hair! The kind of hair others would dream about having, its just the right shade but she isn't happy with it. With red hair you are kind of limited to what colours you can try on top without having to bleach it first! Lets hope its just a phase!

Jools said...

Oh no, my blog can't be making you sob! Shall we start keeping our eyes peeled for one for you! x

Deborah said...

I think it's very Freudian that you called it a 'delusion line' :) Don't correct it!

Jools said...

Deb, its like it was made for the quote, it changed it automatically and I laughed out loud - its exactly what it is!!!