Friday, 20 January 2012

Thursday brings a very special delivery!

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you all didn't get too wet in the downpours today! 

Well the H&M website crashed under the sheer weight of volume this morning, and every single Versace piece sold out before lunchtime. With deliveries taking over a week it will be a little while yet before ebay is flooded, but I have no doubt there will be LOADS on there in a few days.
Donatella confirmed that this will be the last collection for H&M which may explain why everything sold out so fast (this collection was not available in-store so the website was never going to cope well!). I hope some items come back into stock as my friend Vic is desperate for the white pumps!!

It was a half day at School today which meant I was able to get Hot Chocolate and Croissants with my youngest. There are few nicer ways to spend an afternoon than catching up and hearing the latest local gossip at the Coffee Shop!

Today also bought a very exciting delivery from the postman. Jools Wore a very excited face!

The postman delivered to me the most beautiful smoochy Balenciaga Bag. It is the City, so a perfect daytime size, and it is in black leather.

I have wanted a Giant Silver Hardware Balenciaga for a very long time, so this is a dream bag for me, and one that I know is going to be used a lot!

I will take piccies of the inside tomorrow so you can see what fits inside. I absolutely cannot wait to use it.

The stores are full of Valentines cards and gifts alread! Do you have any romantic plans or cute gift ideas in mind yet for your loved ones? I could spend hours just looking at the cards, and would love to hear your ideas.

I think getting the Balenciaga bag delivery today has put me firmly in a rock-chick vibe, so today's VOD (Virtual Outfit of the Day) is very much based on that! Todays dream bag is no longer a dream!!! It will obviously be my new City Bag, worn with the following:
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Popcorn Top £228

J Brand Houndtooth Jeans £260

YSL Exotic Palais Shoes (YSL are so much more comfortable than they look) £815.00

Helmut Lang Leather Jacket £950

Put together that makes one pretty cool virtual outfit!

I will leave you with this thought ..............

Until tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

For me my vod would be a Balenciaga black biker jacket, skinny black jeans, louboutin black shoes with the spikes on, bal town bag with giant silver hardware Marc Jacobs top and that is it for rock chic vod! Nicole x

Anonymous said...

You got the bal! You will definitely rock that bag. I love the VW top too but don't believe those shoes could be comfy. They would give me vertigo! F

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Great Bag, any chance of doing a wife swap for a week, providing you leave all your gorgeous stuff at home? and as much as I love your VOD, don't forget to share what Jools really wore, its so nice to see personal style blogs that aren't written by girls in their teens and twenties xx

Jools said...

oh la la!! Good outfit

Jools said...

hehee I promise you, YSL are the most comfortable high heel shoes you can try - I wouldn't want to do a marathon in them but they are easy to walk in at least!!!

Jools said...

we could get a TV show out of that! Style Swop!!! A week as somebody else ....... I am sure if we pitch it to Ch 5 they will go for it - they really do not seem fussy ;)

Anonymous said...

Loving the black GSH City. We have very similar taste in Bals ;-).

Jools said...

aww thanks, and don't be shy, tell me who you are !

Anonymous said...

It's Lisa :-) sorry u thought you could see who posted. Must figure out how to join your blog. Now your pourpre City has a friends :-).

Jools said...

awww Hi Lis! Big waves :D xx I know, 2 beautiful City's I am a very lucky girl :)