Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday - Making my February Wishlist!!

Hello Lovelies, 

I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend.

Sunday Chez Jools bought a family get-together. A lovely Roast dinner and a catch up with everybody over a bottle of wine.

It has been a very chilled day today. I have a couple of goodies that have been delivered from Very which I am looking forward to showing you. I will review and photograph them tomorrow as I haven't opened the box yet!

Do any of you put together wish-lists of items that you want just now? It doesn't have to be expensive items, just things that you have seen that you really like?
I would love you to share if you do.

Currently on my (affordable) "I would really love this" Wish-list are these pieces. I am continuing the injecting colour into my wardrobe theme!

From Warehouse:

Bird Print Dress £45

Skylark Print Blouse £55

Lace Front Peter Pan Collar Blouse £48

I love it in both colours!

From Oasis:

Pleated Belt Dress £45

From Topshop:

Leigh Fuchsia Skinnies (with contrast edge) £38

From Zara:

Printed Blouse £40

Let me know your thoughts on any of them, and if you think I should give them a try!

I cannot wait to start wearing some lighter fabrics, winter wear is getting very boring now.

Today Jools Wore one of my favourite things ever!

The Pookster and I pretty much snuggled all day - I am going to need some major de-fuzzing!

Todays memo for you is ...........

Until tomorrow

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love the Warehouse tops, both gorgeous. I haven't really thought about anything other than a denim shirt and I found a Very one on ebay for £4.50 last night so gonna buy it today. I didn't realise Very have an outlet on ebay, but they popped up when I had a search for a shirt. I have never bought anything from the brand before but it is such a bargain, there is no point spending a fortune, especially when I want a light and a dark one! Love the Pookster!

Jools said...

oh I am loving the sound of your bargain finds! I never find anything great on Ebay, although my friend Vic finds amazing past season pieces from Biba at House of Fraser for crazy money !!!
Pookster loves you right back !

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I really don't buy a lot on there to be honest, I had a bad experience with a real fur coat, put me right off, but if I am after something specific, I sometimes take a look, I tend to sell more on there than I buy but I couldn't miss out on this shirt, so bought it earlier x