Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday is all about saying goodbye to a classic!

Hi Lovelies,

Sunday bought lovely relaxation chez Jools. 

We cooked a roast dinner and lit this beautiful candle, so now the lounge smells gorgeous.

It took me a long while to "understand" the wonder of Diptyque. When I finally purchased one, I got it immediately, and I have never found another (pardon the pun) that could hold a candle to them!

The candle wax is so pure, and the oils used in them are so intense and untouched by chemicals that you only get the real essence. Forty pounds is an awful lot to spend on a candle, which is why I resisted for so long, but you can light this candle for one hour, and the room will smell incredible for the whole day.

The burn time means that you could buy 5 cheaper candles and they would not last as long as this single one, or smell anywhere near as good (am I making a good case!). They make the most perfect present for somebody special, but I must warn you - you will always want to have one burning if you do try them!

My favourite is the John Galliano one (I wondered if these would be as popular after his spectacular fall from grace, but the SA assured me that they were still selling just as many of them!)

and these two floral ones. Once taken out of the box, even if you don't light them, they still emit a faint smell of the scent! Blinking gorgeous !!

Today did mean saying goodbye to a very old friend though - Mac Select Tint!!! 
When I found out it was going to be discontinued (back in 2009 or early 2010) I bought an extra one. I should have bought more but the Mac gal assured me that the newer product they were releasing was going to be even better.

Well she turned out to be a big fibber! What I loved about the select tint was that it was just like a super fine moisturiser with a very subtle tint to it. I personally do not like the feeling of heavy foundation on the skin, and that is why I loved this one so much, it just made your own skin feel a little bit dewy, and make up free.

and so today, after eeking my final bottle out for the past 14 months Jools Wore her very final squirt of Mac Select tint. Out it came and then nothing but air (sob!!!!) Sad times. The newer product just feels too thick to me. It's the Studio Moisture Tint and I am just not getting along with it. So if anybody can recommend any really good moisturising tints, I am all ears!

I loved the pictures of Kate Middleton at the War Horse Premiere earlier this evening. I wonder who does her blow-dry! She is truly getting more beautiful and her hair more bouncy by the day. She radiates gorgeousness, looks like a film star and I have a huge crush on her AND William.

She is certainly a little bit in love with the British Designer Alice Temperley and looked incredible in this black lace creation!

Temperley really suits her and this isn't the first time she has worn her designs. She wore this little white dress to Wimbledon last summer, and of course her sister (her of the perfect bottom) wore the green Temperley dress to the Royal Wedding Reception in the evening.

When I see her now, I find myself thinking how lucky we are to have her. It is like she has been part of the Royal Family for ages!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Until tomorrow

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Urban Butterfly said...

Oh what a sad day for you :( Hope you find a replacement for the MAC soon hun. x

Jools said...

me too M, I just love that product sooooo much :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Recommend Estee Lauder Tinted Daywear - sublime!