Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday - Fruity Clothes, Celebrity Collaborations and Dream Bags!

Hey Lovelies,

Well Wednesday bought us another drizzly grey day, I am so over this weather already. But the positive of this is that it did mean I had time to do some online browsing!

The new Versace Drop hits H&M tomorrow (this time it is available on-line only)

The collection has been well publicised over the last couple of weeks and is mainly fruit based. The print below is the most heavily featured.
After the debacle of the original collection I am not even going to bother browsing online tomorrow.
All of the pieces I tried were overpriced, undersized, shocking quality and took 8 days to deliver.

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason why ANY designer would make a garment a full two sizes smaller than it should be (I measured the items I purchased against my daughters size 8 clothes and a Versace for H&M UK12 was cut identically to a Topshop UK8). 
How can any designer design for women and yet not know even the fundamental basics about us? - What makes us tick and more importantly, what makes us feel GOOD?
No girl in her right mind is going to be happy to have to buy an item 2 sizes larger than she ACTUALLY is just so it will zip up. It actually works in the completely opposite way (the amount of returns was proof of this as for weeks after the initial successful first day sell-out, lots of items were re-available).

The only item that I really liked from the Spring Collection were these cute little fruit fabric shoes - and at least they should fit!

A better example of collaborations that DO work comes from
I have long been a fan of the Fearne Cotton collections and have quite a few of her pieces. Diana Vickers is turning out to be a better clothes designer than singer too with her DeeV range!
These little cuties caught my eye today.

Cropped Sleeve Jacket £59

Contrast Pocket Dress £49 (I may need to order this!)

I had a family lunch date today. Jools Wore the Nude No1 YSL Lipstick (I am a complete YSL convert now!) these Topshop boots

and my J12.

Now that the real life stuff is out of the way, my Virtual Outfit of the Day (VOD) if money were no object would be this one!

It it still cold out, so lets wear this little Lanvin Jacket!

Boucle Tweed Jacket £2145

and brighten it up with these babies by J Brand £270

 Worn with these just released Louboutins! They are called Piou Poiu £525

and topped off with my current DREAM BAG!

Celine Mini Luggage in Neon Pink! (I cannot disclose the price or it will never be mine!!!!)

Far too much of my time is spent drooling over pictures of this bag just now. I lay the blame firmly at Phoebe Philo's door ........

I would love to hear about your perfect VODs too please!!!

Until tomorrow

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Urban Butterfly said...

I bet before I get to the fruity blouse it's sold out! Major hype! I agree Fearne Cottons range for Very has been very successful but Miss Vickers range this season is much stronger.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I would die for that bag, I have long been a Celine bag fan ever since I had a Boogie Bag some years back. I remember the Shop Assistant in Bond Street told me I had beautiful children. I wanted to say "don't worry I am buying a bag anyone, I just can't decide on the colour"!. Selling it was my biggest regret, it was called Paprika, a sort of orange to you and I, and the amount of comments I received were nobody's business but these Totes are fantastic, any colour, I'm not fussy! I posted a picture on my Instragram some weeks back of rip off in a local boutique and at £35, I was tempted. Well almost! I hope I win the euro millions on Friday! Oh and why don't Matches sell these online anymore? They did when they first came out.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo love the Lanvin jacket, so for my vod I am going to use the Lanvin jacket, dark denim skinny jeans and red loobies with a red Chanel mini flap xxx nicole

Anonymous said...

Your fruit shoes are on evil bay for £249 bargain x

Jools said...

Crossing fingers you get on line today honey :) I am going to indulge in a little bit of DeeV ;)

Jools said...

Heeheee, yes you were a sure thing in that store! Paprika sounds delicious. I wonder about Matches too, as they were selling the bags as soon as they were coming into stock. I wonder if they still are selling Celine in store? Its odd.

Jools said...

oooh you are playing hardball bringing the Chanel Red into the equation. That is one very hard outfit to top :D

Jools said...

Lets hope they never sell for that amount! They are H&M after all ;)