Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Its Wine Wednesday!!

Hi Lovelies,

Yay, it's Wine Wednesday Already! Tonight I had a glass of this one!

Much excitement today, as my friend finally decided on her wedding dress! The boutique in Knightsbridge were good enough to courier the sample dress over to Guildford so that we could have a final fitting and make a decision. As soon as she put it back on it was so obvious that this was THE dress, so it was a great start to the day. I am so excited for her.

I was then in Kew this afternoon, it finally felt like summer with everybody in Kew Village sitting outside the coffee bars and restaurants. Very nice and I got my latte fix!

I had a Zara day today. I wore this top £29.99

with these Pop Vintage Jeans £39.99

and I fell in love with these pretties that have just been released this week! 

Louboutin Devidas Suede Platforms £1650

 Victoria Beckham Crepe Gown £2450

Do you remember when Cheryl Cole wore the blush version of it? Best I have ever seen her look I think!

Alexander McQueen Dress £1585
(I may make do with the Topshop Origami Version!)

And then to finish off my day, I finally saw my lovely friend Becks gorgeous baby boy Harrison, I had half an hour of pure loveliness until he vommed on my new Kurt Geiger's!!! I totally forgive him though as he is too cute for words!

Oh and Lottie the Sausage is getting better. She is walking with a wiggle like Marilyn Monroe as she can feel more on one side than the other, but it's getting a little better every day!

Thanks so much for reading

Until tomorrow

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