Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday - Results of Japanese Hair Straightening, and cocktail o clock!

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Friday.

Today has been a good Friday. I was meeting my Mum for lunch which is always a nice way to spend the day, and then we all went out for dinner this evening and a couple of Raspberry Caipirinha's were involved.

Family and food, it doesn't get much better :)

So today was 72 hours since I tried the Japenese Hair Straightening system - WELL IT ONLY BLOODY WORKS!!!

I had read so many reviews and had been so careful over the past 3 days to not get my hair wet that I was hopeful that it would give a good result.

So, I washed my hair this morning with a salt free Shampoo and Conditioner, and as soon as I wet it, I could tell it felt smoother and softer - kind of like you had just put a deap heat treatment on.

I let it towel dry for a while, then without using any product at all I blow dried it with a paddle brush.
It took 6 minutes exactly and my hair was kink free and there was absolutely no need to use straighteners after. If I had put serum etc on it would have been poker straight but I wanted to see what the results were with absolutely no styling product in.

I am always a little cynical about these things. I love to read reviews and hear about how amazing things are - and I really want to believe them, I really do! But I rarely expect them to work on me. Well this time I can say it totally works

Today Jools Wore

Curve Heel Shoe Boots - Topshop £60

Green Lace Top - Next

Bright Pink Lipstick in "Legend" by Louise Grey £10 

Animal Print Flock Jeans - Zara £39.99

and scarf from Zara

Tomorrow I have a day in London planned - what are you up to?

Thanks for reading x


ASH said...

So pleased to hear your hair treatment worked, like you I tend to be a bit cynical, but that's great news - think I need to try it!
Looking fab as always, I love those boots. x

LaLa said...
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Jools said...

Thanks Ash :) I wore those little booties all day today and totally lush from the very first wear :)

Michelle said...

Love the hair Jools. And love what you are wearing. Those heels are very Miu Miu e'sq. Have a great weekend enjoy London. I've just been to see WOW with my mother.

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

Hair looks great! And I love that pink lipstick.. Looks fab with the green outfit :)

Also I need to say, I love your pink chair in the background! Xx

Jools said...

Thank you darling. Yes, they are identical heel wise to the Miu Miu's - luckily not price wise :D I pounded the London pavements in them today - feet hurt now ;) x

Jools said...

Aww thank you sweetie - oooh I love the pink chair too - its full on girly :D x

The Louise Gray lipsticks stay on really well - try one out next time you are in Topshop :) x