Thursday, 18 October 2012

J'adore the Hermes Collier de Chien

Hello Lovelies,

Warning - Soppy Alert!

One more sleep until PC is home. I have missed him so much, I can't wait to see him.

It is also no secret that I spend far more pennies when he is away - I shop when I am stressed (well I shop when I am happy too of course) but I excel at it when stressed!

So this week has not been up there with the greatest ever. But I had something delivered that made it pretty special!

The Hermes CDC (Collier de Chien)

Oh I love them. They come in lots of leathers and colours, and in gold and silver hardware. I was convinced I wanted a black one as I figured this colour would go with everything. PC had a look at Terminal 3 for me but they didn't have any in duty free (they have no black stock anywhere just now)

So I checked the Hermes website. They update a couple of times a week and if you look at the right time, there is often just one available. Last week they added a white one (gorgeous but no good for me - I am far too clumsy) so after knowing that Heathrow had no stock, I kept checking and this beauty showed as in stock!
Thank you to D and N for convincing me to try this colour - I love it !

The colour is called Cigar - it is a new Hermes colour and it has Palladium Hardware

I am so glad I went for it, as Jools wore it with a black (Zara) coat today (I do wear a lot of dark colours!) and it just showed up so nicely

and it was a good match with my Chanel Bag

Hope you love the piccies! I am in love!

Thanks for reading x


Doreen said...

Ola CDC twin :) Glad u like the cigar colour.. I told u it would go with everything because I dont normally even wear brown but it's great with everything I own :D

You're welcome for the enabling! great outfit btw hun :)


Nadia said...

Wooo!!! I'm so glad you got it hun! It looks absolutely beautiful on you!!! Cannot wait to join the CDC crew!!! On a mad hunt for black gold!!! Hopefully the Hermes fairies will deliver :)

Can i also just say how gorgeous your nails look!!! Can i have the brown chanel also (Today me and D have been maniacally organising our velvet boy bag strategies getting on lists LOL!!!)

Yay to PC being back!!!! :) X

Jools said...

You were so right oh CDC Guru - I am still allowed a black tho, right? :) xxxx Thanks hon

Jools said...

I am going to be stalking the H website for you too ALL THE TIME and will let you know if I see it pop up - and we will hope it will be at the right time ;)

Oooh what would you do if the Velvet Boy and the CDC became available at the same time? now theres a question!