Friday, 22 March 2013

Birthday memories .........

Hi Lovelies,

Awwwww, Mia is 14 today. I cannot begin to tell you how emotional that is.

Our baby being born honestly seems like 5 minutes ago - how is it possible that we are lucky enough to be 14 years down the line?

I remember having Elli Rose - I remember every single second, and when we had her, I just remember thinking - how could we possibly have more love to give to somebody else the way we do this little one?

And then, we found out about Mia. I was nowhere near as relaxed..... after all, we had already been blessed once - who were we to be this lucky twice in a row!!! And yet I prayed every day that she would be another girl!!

When we found out she was, it was like winning the lottery - truly like all of our wishes and dreams and hopes had been answered - and it was the easiest pregnancy ever! Well, apart from if I ate pineapple!

She didn't want to come out - like ever - she was more than comfortable inside Mummy - and trust me when I say - there really IS a bad time to be told - you don't have the hips for this ........... lol!

But finally, curiousity got the better of her, and the world seemed like a place that she would want to check out - and at 11.10pm on a warm March 23rd Mia graced us with her presence, and Jools world was complete.

And now, here we are - 14 years old and the absolute joy of life. I have no idea why I was lucky enough to give guidance to somebody so bloody lovely - but I know that I am thankful for it every single day.

Happy Birthday little one - you may be 5 inches taller than Mummy already - but you will always be my baby.

and so tonight we celebrated!

and YES - 14 years on and I DO have heels on and Mia doesn't lol  but well you know how it is!!

we had such a lovely family evening

Jools Wore - House of Harlow Pendant and Vintage Winter Kate Kimono

Zara Pleated Top

Pink Topshop Lipstick

and of course it was a glitter Loubie night!!!


and thanks for reading and putting up with my soppiness
Celebrating is so much more fun than labour ....... !

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Michelle said...

Aww how lovely. Happy birthday to Mia!