Tuesday, 12 March 2013

oooh a lovely All Saints treat ...........

Hi Lovelies,

I have been having far too much fun listing items for sale on Ebay!

I have known for a while it needed to happen - when your clothes rails wont move enough to allow another hanger in, you kind of know that you have too much stuff!
And everybody needs an edit - we are probably all far too guilty of having too many clothes, and some of the good stuff doesn't get worn because we forget we had it!

I have wanted another leather jacket for a while, but I wanted to justify it (although this prolonged, awful weather is probably justification enough). I knew the exact one that I wanted.

So I thought of this jacket while I took all of the pictures and wrote all the boring listings, and it has actually been great fun - of course you get a fair few silly questions, but it has given me some much needed space in the wardrobe and I have not packed a single thing so far and thought - oh I will really miss that! The Post Office run is incredibly dull though!!

There is nothing better than a guilt free purchase! And so, with all my sales posted, and lot's of happy customers, off I toddled today to pick up this little beauty.

I just love quilted detailing on a leather jacket

and this one has silver buckle detailing on the side which sold it to me!

All Saints ebony "Walker" Leather Jacket

a fair few celebs seem to be loving the Walker Jacket too .......

The price was £358. It is beautifully made, and smells gorgeous.
I just need to break it in now so that it feels worn in

I also think it will look nice on a summers evening over a sun dress x

Online it was modelled with this beauty
and the SA had it on today too .........

Riviera Dress

I love the gathering detail, and the longer hem at the back.
I adore Helmut Lang, and this is very similar so I was immediately drawn to it.

All Saints Riviera Dress in Slate £88
(also available in Marl Grey)

So Jools had a very nice little shopping morning

and lastly - this little beauty definitely wins my dress of the day

Limited Edition High Neck Midi Dress - £160 Topshop

Thanks for reading xxx


Fashion Rockets said...

The jacket & both dresses are absolutely to die for! Enjoy wearing the jacket - love it! xx

Jools Cockayne said...

aww thanks honey :) xx

Urban Butterfly said...

I know the feeling of non hanger movement all too well! Great jacket, will look perfect on you x

Jools Cockayne said...

Thank you darling. Aww it is such a nice feeling to get rid of stuff (although I feel bad for the charity shops now!) and it has been really good fun!

LNR said...
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LNR said...

That jacket is DIVINE!!! Ohhh dear (looks around to see what I can sell)