Monday, 4 March 2013

Sometimes it is the little things that are the best!

Hi Lovelies,

This Sunday was all about the little pleasures in life.

It started with Jam on Toast and a cup of Tea in bed.

A Starbucks that was just completely spot on - AND they got my name right on the cup (this happens only once in every 10 or so cups - still the best by far though was when they called me Jews ...... ) but I digress!

and the Sunday pleasures continued with a few squares of Green and Blacks Milk Chocolate

Our beautiful Ragdoll Cat Willow sitting by my feet ALL afternoon
(even though she did not bring any luck with the football result!)

buying a gorgeous bunch of tulips

and using my new Iphone case!!! Which has me chuckling every time I pick it up !!!

Err. How cute is this! I never want to grow up if it involves not using this......

I found these nude Sandals and thought they would look incredible with my Mulberry Willow
(which I hope I can use very soon - come on Spring-time!)

I really like them - they are now on my March wish list!

"Gorgeous" Block Heel Sandals - Topshop £62

Wouldn't they make a great match ......

and speaking of spring-time - how about a summer tune!

Go on, give it a listen, it is a really fun song!

"Skirts" by The Other Tribe

What are some of your favourite small things?

Thanks for reading x


Style At Every Age said...

ha ha Claudia has that phone case but with pink clothes! My simple small things are pretty much the same, flowers, coffee, chocolate. Poppy seems OK this morning, it's like worrying over your child and I panic about everything, I think I need therapy!

Urban Butterfly said...

How do the animals get on with the new leather sofa? We have had to cover ours up to defend against naughty claws :( Those nude sandles are just perfect in everyway. X

Jools Cockayne said...

Well Ragdolls do not get their claws out honey, so they are fine, but dogs definitely not allowed!!!! they sleep on the rug by our feet.

Arent they just - I really want them !!!

Jools Cockayne said...

Heheeee S I want the pink clothed one next ;) So glad Poppy is fine this morning. Little girls definitely have a few more issues with hormones than boys xx