Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tom Ford Jennifer Bag

Hi Lovely Ones

Today was very bizarre. Trying swimwear and summer clothes on when there is fog outside is very, very strange! But try them I did and I am pleased to report that the Hawaii wardrobe is already starting to take shape.

The 2 new Miu Miu swimsuits and the Topshop order that I blogged about came today and they are all perfect, which was a miracle as they were final sale pieces - this never usually happens - I got them for such great prices so I am really pleased.

I also have to thank Rayban for their incredible customer service!
I am a Sunglasses addict - I wouldn't even want to start with how many pairs we have here - but it still doesn't stop me from looking for the next pair.  Last week I saw pictures of Kylie wearing a pair of Ray bans (who are definitely my go-to sunglasses designer). They were like a classic wayfarer but with a cat eye and I knew that I needed them! I searched and searched for this model online, but had no luck, so I actually sent the pictures below to the Customer Service Dept to see if they could help me.

They were amazing, they found out that they were the Laramie style but that they were discontinued and then proceeded to look and see who might still have them in stock.
Pretty cool Ray Ban. Thank You very much!

So these also arrived - so you can see why I am so confused - it is as cold as can be and I am in full on Summer mode.

I did make one huge mistake though. - which made today's deliveries even sweeter.
I fell hard for a new bag at the weekend and was too impulsive and just went for it. I totally blame it on the fact the husband is away at the moment and I wanted something lovely to focus on!
Anyway, I was so excited about buying it - but went to put my bits and bobs in it today and just thought …… oh no! this is not me at all.
Everything about it that I liked on Saturday, I don't like at all now! How fickle is that?

It was the Tom Ford Jennifer Bag. Named after the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston who is rarely seen without hers. I was so happy on Saturday - now, not so much!

See, we can all make HUGE mistakes!

So, it is already packed up and ready to it go back sadly.

Thanks for reading xx


Style At Every Age said...

I want those sunglasses honey, where else had them? Remember when you helped us with Chloe's sunglasses search, what a fab buy they were with her xmas money 2012. Must say that bag wouldn't probably be on the top of my list but a Givenchy Pandora, now that's a different tale! Sadly the wedding is costing a fortune, spent £450 yesterday on a veil, headpiece, bridal sash, bracelet and 2 bridesmaid shoes grrrrrrrrrrr

Jools Cockayne said...

Have just tweeted you some links hon - I totally remember Chloes fab glittery sunglasses :) The bag in person is really beautiful, but it doesn't feel like me.
wedding shopping sounds like so much fun tho hon - its very exciting (if expensive heheheee)